'Natural Law'

Natural Law - January 2016

We are all self-governing. Let us call upon our ancestors and teachers - past and present, to guide us in the way of the Heart. You are all my relations. All is One. Namaste. Today, we earthlings begin a fresh cycle around the sun. Twelve days ago we began a new 'galactic spin' in the Mayan 'Tzolkin' (or Galactic) calendar. The Tzolkin calendar harmonises with galactic energies and cycles. The Tzolkin calendar is 260 days long. This 9-month sacred cycle can be understood as a spiritual gestation time for growth and unfolding. Therefore, in a nutshell, we are in a new beginning. Take time to reflect on where your life-journey has taken you in the last 9-months. What challenges were you confro

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