'Natural Law'

March 1, 2015

I am self-sovereign, as are you.

I acknowledge the ancestors, mine and yours, past and present.

You are all my relations. All is One.



March Greetings to All.


For those who have been reading Natural Law recently, you will remember I have been encouraging everyone to ‘keep things simple’, to think ‘less is more’, and to choose ‘quality over quantity’. This is far from cutting corners, in fact, the simplicity I speak of, is underpinned by a significant level of thought and action. The simplicity I speak of is inherently complex and has depth of meaning. So in the first week of March give everything the energy it deserves.


Continue to work on improving your way of relating. If verbal communication with someone feels regularly difficult, try writing with them.


Aim to have ‘clean connection lines’ with everyone. This is important. Air your grievances directly and clearly – this goes for past, as well as recent complaints. This will ‘clean’ the connection line.


Therefore, ‘clean connection lin...

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