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Add a 200g bag of Ceremonial Grade Cacao to your galactic calendar order and save 🧮✨🪄☕️ USE CODE: CACAOCALENDAR


I have been journeying with this very special 13-Moons GALACTIC CALENDAR for over a decade. Rarely seen in Australia, these calendars cost $A70 each, with international shipping.


I love these calendars so much because they bring us onto non-linear GALACTIC TIME AND ENERGY ✨


This year, I have purchased 13, so you can experience this magic too (and save $25!). There are only 12 calendars AVAILABLE NOW FOR PRE-ORDER. First in, best dressed. No limits to orders.


They are due to ship from the USA mid-June and then we await their arrival.


WHITE OVERTONE WIZARD YEAR: 26 July 2023-July 25 2024

Empower ~ Command ~ Radiance

Timelessness ~ Receptivity ~ Enchantment


From Eden Sky - co-creator of the Galactic Calendar

"The Galactic frequency of this upcoming year calls us to embody and emanate our own ray of the sacred... breathe life-force into your unique magic sparks of your soul... claim your voice, your authenticity, your uniqueness, your influence, your spirit.." Read more about the Overtone Wizard Year here:



*Features 13 visionary art by: Autumn Skye Morrison, Rassouli, Geo Glyphinks, Pumayana and more. These art works are transmissions in themselves ✨

*44 pages (8.5x11”) wall calendar 🌝🧮🌌

*Printed on 100% quality eco-friendly paper

*28th annual edition


This calendar is a portal into magic, flowing interconnected galactic energy and time cycles - the Mayan Dreamspell ✨


Decode your and your loved ones' Galactic signatures. Follow along with the daily flow of Galactic energies and attune to the creative potential of each new day. Allow the harmonies of color, number and symbol to activate your cosmic self, and infuse magic into your life's journey!


Add a 200g bag of Ceremonial Grade Cacao to your galactic calendar order and get a wee discount 🧮✨🪄☕️ USE CODE: CACAOCALENDAR


Pick-up from Lismore, or shipping is extra.

Galactic Calendars

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