Lise Plourde has been practicing Reflexology for nearly 20 years, with qualifications in hand, feet and facial reflexology. She is a member of the Australian Association of Reflexology and the Global Reflexology Network. Health Fund Rebates available.


More recently, Lise has become a Life Alignment (Mod 5) Practitioner (see below). She has also trained in Medical Qi Gong and Reiki and brings a wealth of experience to her holistic healing work.

Please enquire about discounted rates for pensioners.

Facial & Foot Reflexology (1hr+ depending on symptoms/$75-90)

Health Fund Rebates available

"My goal is to ensure that you receive a speedy recovery."
I believe reflexology combines well with other modalities including Modern Medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Naturopathy. In general, I treat with the classical method of reflexology and often combine facial reflexology with feet/hand reflexology. Sometimes my intuition or my clients tell me to treat with energy modalities prior to a reflexology treatment. Children, teenagers, adults and elderly persons are welcome.


Read more about Facial Reflexology.

Japanese Cosmo Face Lift (1hr/$75)

Health Fund Rebates available

The Japanese Cosmo lifting method incorporates different facial reflexology techniques to stimulate and balance all organs, including the skin. It balances the tone of all muscles and acts on the lymphatic system to eliminate toxins and cleanse the skin naturally. A very relaxing treatment, all stress related tension will disappear from the muscles of the body, including the face.


Enquiries & Bookings: Lise 0450 016 853                       

Life Alignment

Life Alignment (1-2hrs/$80-95)

Life Alignment identifies the energetic and emotional root cause of imbalance in your body, helps you release these blockages and then restore the natural flow of life energy so that deep healing can occur.

Life Alignment Practitioners access an inner intelligence (or the bio-computer) with the use of applied kinesiology and pendulum indication. They firstly identify the story, circuitry, and the energy flow around the imbalance. Then balance the energy flow while releasing the trauma and the charge around the story. Old negative programs are replaced with positive ones that affect all aspects of life including the physical body. Read more about Life Alignment.

Enquiries & Bookings: Lise 0450 016 853                        

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