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About Helene

I’ve been a dedicated student and practitioner of holistic knowledge and healing since 2006. I love empowering people to understand how their Story sits in their body, and to discover the gentle power of a holistic perspective and the healing arts.


I have qualifications and experience as a Reiki Teacher and Practitioner, and a Trauma-informed Facilitator, specialising in  Indigenous Healing Frameworks and Practices. I enjoy being able to bridge the gap between holistic and western approaches, while providing a safe and nurturing atmosphere in which to grow, listen and heal. 



Background Details

2015 - Current

Professional Reiki Teacher & Practitioner

I am a qualified Reiki Master and have taught and practiced Reiki professionally, since 2015. I work in the clinic 4-days p/wk, and run courses regularly. I am a member of Reiki Australia, and have completed their 6 unit Professional Development for Reiki Treatment Practitioners Certificate. I am a Reiki Australia Accredited Treatment Practitioner and the Yemaya Centre is a Reiki Australia Certified Clinic, meaning I adhere to best practice standards.

2010 - Current

Writer & Speaker

I've been writing my monthly, holistic energy update, 'Natural Law' since 2010, published in local rag The Nimbin GoodTimes. In addition to my role as facilitator, I have also had numerous presenting roles, including: Keynote speaker at the 2019 Better Chances Regional Forum (BCF); Panellist, Social & Emotional Wellbeing Webcast (2018) with Health Education & Training (HETI) - Aboriginal Health Education; and radio interviews.

2017 -2021

We Al-li Lead Facilitator

I was contracted as a Lead Facilitator delivering We Al-li trauma-informed healing programs in both community and corporate settings across Australia. I have led programs in: Vic, NSW, WA, NT, Qld & SA. Notable jobs include: in the remote Warlpiri communities of Yuendumu and Lajamanu; the Family Violence Prevention Legal Services (FVPLS) National Project; and the Social Futures 'Better Chances Forum' (BCF) Trauma Responsive Workshop Series.


I am a graduate of the Bachelors Degree in Indigenous Studies: Trauma & Healing, with a major in Law & Justice.

2008 - Current

Community Groups

I have contributed to the local community through volunteer roles including: Southern Cross University Indigenous Events Coordinating Committee (SCUIECC); Student Mentor (Equity & Diversity); Management Committee for Northern Rivers Women & Children's Services (NORWACS); Lismore Womens Festival; Social Futures: Better Chances Forum (BCF) - Trauma Responsive Group, Cultural Bias Group, and Systemic Change Group. I also co-founded the Lismore Holistic Network Group.

My Teachers

Image by Conscious Design
Lise Plourde.JPG

I studied Reiki First and Second Degree with Maureen in Cork, Ireland (2006-2007). Maureen was my first teacher in the healing arts - she honoured the traditional ways and encouraged healing of the Self.

Reiki Master Maureen Gillen

I completed my Reiki Master Degree and Teacher Course with Lise in the Northern Rivers NSW (2012). Lise holds holistic knowledge and wisdom and continues to have strong ties to her homelands in Canada.

Reiki Master Lise Plourde

I met Supatra at university in 2008. Supatra saw the world with a special filter that was all-embracing of the seen, the unseen and all in-between. She taught me to value the pleasures of life.  A healer. A dancer. A shaman. An artist. A true community person. Now guiding me in Spirit.

Supatra Raffan

Reiki Treatment

Key Frameworks


The Reiki Principles were created by Dr. Usui - the Grandfather of Reiki. They form the foundation of the practice, and serve as a guide for personal and spiritual development. Reiki students are introduced to the Principles, as part of their Reiki training.

Dr. Mikao Usui

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