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Sometimes Reiki Manuals get lost during a move, flood, fire or you just can't find it anywhere!


Your Reiki Manual serves as an important anchor and guide, with essential theory and practice for each Reiki Level.


Replacement Reiki Manuals are available for Yemaya Centre Reiki Students. Please note postage is not included in this price.



Replacement Reiki Manual

  • The Yemaya Centre or Reiki Master Helene Collard do not own any Reiki-related information contained in this manual. 

    However, time and effort have gone into researching and compiling Reiki information, and also creating original elements for this teaching resource. 

    Therefore, all Reiki Manuals are copyright to the Yemaya Centre for Reiki & Wellbeing and Reiki Master Helene Collard, and may not be wholly shared or reproduced without permission.

    However, it is my wish that you will refer to this manual, share and implement techniques with others, and generally be inspired by the content! Reiki belongs to everyone and is designed to be shared. In this case, I request you reference this manual. For your convenience, I have provided a reference notation on the beginning pages.

    Thank you and keep Radiating with Reiki!

    Reiki Master Helene Collard

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