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Reiki Level 1


Reiki Treatment
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Total Investment: $555
Pre-course Consultation: 90mins
Reiki Level 1: 2-full days

As self-treatment is the foundation of Reiki practice, learning Reiki is perfect for personal and spiritual transformation. In addition, Level 1 prepares you to share Reiki with your family and friends. Once you learn Reiki, you'll have it for life!

Pre-requisite - 90min pre-course consultation (see below)

This course is suitable for Beginners, no previous experience required. 

Duration: 2 full-days, 16hrs

Maximum Class Size: 4 Students

Venue: Location announced with course dates

You will:​

  • Assist in setting up a safe and confidential space, for exchanging treatments, debriefing treatments, listening and sharing respectfully, to create a rich learning experience.

  • Learn the History of Reiki, how it has been passed down through the lineage bearers, and become what it is today.

  • Learn and deeply reflect on the 5 Reiki Principles and 2 Reiki Precepts, and understand them as a guide for living.

  • Receive the spiritual/energetic component of Reiki - called an attunement - which will pass onto you, the ability to channel Reiki for life.

  • Practice the scanning technique, in both self-treatment and when treating others.

  • Practice Aura Treatment (hands-off Reiki Treatment) for Self and others. 

  • Group Reiki: Theory & Practice.

  • Practice hands-on Reiki technique for treating Self and Others.

You will receive:

  • 2 days of in-person instruction from Reiki Teacher Helene Collard

  • The 4x Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki First Degree sacred attunements (2 each day)

  • Verified Reiki Lineage of Practice - showing your training is a direct descendant of Reiki Grandmaster Mikao Usui

  • Reiki First Degree Manual in hard copy

  • Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki First Degree Certificate

Pre-Course Consultation

A 90min pre-course consultation is required prior to booking onto this course. This in-person consultation, includes course preparation and a Reiki Treatment from Helene.


Enquiries & Bookings: Email   or  Phone/Text   Helene                        


"I learnt quite a bit more than I expected...I feel extremely privileged to have learnt from Helene - a wonderful, caring and experienced teacher...I am really excited about using what I have learnt to help others and myself...(I am) looking forward to Level 2"

                                                                           Student - Reiki First Degree

"I couldn't imagine a better person to deliver the Reiki knowledge in our locality..."


                                                                            Student - Reiki First Degree

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