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Self-care in

Community Services

Course Info

Working in community services and caring roles can be challenging. Workers are often exposed to client’s painful stories and suffering on a regular basis. In addition, some workers may be dealing with challenges in their personal lives and/or also supporting family and friends. Within this context, this foundational course impresses the importance of self-care in supporting participants to ‘help’ without compromising their own wellbeing. Each participant will develop a self-care plan. The course includes creative therapeutic techniques, individual sharing and group discussion to create a rich, interconnecting and dynamic experience.

Target Group

Those who work in community services and/or caring roles. Those exposed to trauma through their work, e.g. youth work, aged care, family support, disability support, mental health, crisis services, counsellors, those working with sexual assault, DV, child protection, homelessness, foster/kinship carers etc.

"Important and grounding information. The presentation was calm and engaging. Helene was organised with timekeeping, and used a variety of techniques. 10/10 - thank you, a wonderful and helpful workshop"

Domestic Violence Caseworker

Participant Learning Outcomes
  1. Caring consciously helps to form healthy attachments.

  2. Active and on-going self-care improves and maintains personal wellbeing.

  3. Active and on-going self-care improves and maintains client-care and positively contributes to the culture of an organisation.

  4. Undertaking the Educaring approach, supports participants to be aware of personal vulnerabilities, which helps them to make sound decisions and set healthy boundaries.

"10/10 - Lots of new ways to deal with my self-care. Very clear and calm presentation - easier to take in info. I would recommend this to anyone dealing with difficult lives" Youth Worker


1. Individuals can express interest to attend a workshop that Helene arranges. 

2. An organisation can book Helene to deliver this workshop to a group of their employees.

Contact Helene for Bookings and Enquiries.

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