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About Helene

Helene's Qualifications & Experience

2019 December

Leadership Training - Level 2 (Rite of Passage Institute)

2019 August

Leadership Training - Level 1 (Rite of Passage Institute)



Lead Facilitator with We Al-li, delivering the Culturally Informed Trauma Integrated Healing Approach (CITIHA) - nationally in metropolitan, regional and remote areas.



Professionally Practicing and Teaching Reiki



Founded the Yemaya Centre (Lismore)


Reiki Teacher (Northern NSW, Australia)



B. Trauma & Healing (Law & Justice) (SCU, Lismore)


Author of 'Natural Law' (Nimbin GoodTimes)


Facilitator - Wellbeing Workshops


Reiki Level 2, (Cork, Ireland)


Reiki Level 1 (Cork, Ireland)




I view life through the lens of interconnectedness. That means I understand my (and your) entire life experience as an interlinked chain of events, that directly informs where we are today. 


Seeing the world in this way brings meaning and understanding to our lives. It gives context to our experiences and feelings, which helps identify where the areas of growth and healing lie. This is how I will support you in our sessions together.


I am interested in: self-enquiry and self-care, clearing, balancing and aligning our body, mind, spirit, indigenous healing therapies, creative therapeutic techniques, fostering mutual interdepencence, methods of conflict resolution that maintain and foster connection, self-governance, initiation, spirituality, and other areas of personal growth and evolution.


I have two young children, a supportive partner, wonderful parents, and genuine friends. As part of my commitment to self-care, I seek work-life balance and value this for you too. I generally see 2-3 clients per day, and don't do back-to-back appointments. This enables me to provide a consistent, quality service and maintain optimal levels of self-care. 


If you are feeling drawn to Learn Reiki or receive a Reiki Treatment, or are looking for a lovely space to rent, or simply would like to connect, I would love to hear from you.


Love & Light Blessings,





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