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evolve events offer the community easy access to information on holistic approaches to wellbeing. evolve also fosters the development of relationships between local providers of holistic services (i.e. the guest speakers) - increasing potential for meaningful referral and improved client-care within Lismore and surrounding areas. evolve events feature a range of topics - all with a focus on personal growth and wellbeing.


evolve events are held monthly at the Yemaya Centre. Each event features a new topic and guest speaker. In addition, host and founder Helene Collard, discusses an aspect of personal growth, and treats guests to a relaxing group Reiki treatment. Click here to review previous topics and speakers.


The Yemaya Centre can comfortably accommodate 20 guests. Bookings for evolve events are appreciated for catering and setup purposes.

Contact Helene for more information or call 0405 656 797

Due to new work commitments, Evolve Events is taking a break in 2018.

Thank you for supporting Evolve Events and I look forward to growing together again in the future.



Do you have something to share that supports personal growth and evolution? 

Contact Helene about being a guest speaker at evolve

"What a lovely evening. Thank you for creating this space - a true joy to experience it. I look forward to your future events xxx

"Lovely and relaxing. Great mid-week regeneration!" 

"Thank you so much for last night. I had such a fabulous time and having a chance to meet all those wonderful people was so delightful. Thank you also for providing such a gorgeous space for the participants in the room to gather and learn. I am truly grateful for the opportunity" Sally Sharman - Evolve Guest Speaker, June 2016

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previous topics

Previous Topics & Speakers


JANUARY 2017 - Broadening Concepts of Gender, with Charlie Mia Snow

FEBRUARY 2017 - Using Archetypes for Understanding and Empowerment, with Brian Dale

MARCH 2017Deepening your Connection with Animals using Reiki & Animal Communication, with Donna Connolly

APRIL 2017 - Art Therapy: No Words Necessary, with Derek Tys

MAY 2017 - Nada Yoga: A Magic of Music & Mantra, with Shivam Rath

JUNE 2017 - Art of Abundance: Creativity as a path to prosperity, with Michelle Walker

JULY 2017 - Reflexology for Health & Wellbeing, with Lise Plourde

AUGUST 2017 - Tap into the power of plasma with the revolutionary THERAPHI DEVICE, with John Hardgrave & Isabella Matthews

SEPTEMBER 2017 - Getting Physically Comfortable: The way forward, with Martha Regnault

OCTOBER 2017 - Archetypes & Children: from challenge to charm, with Brian Dale


JANUARY 2018 - Crop Circles: Tapping into the potential for collective evolution, with Miroslaw Oprzedek

Due to new work opportunities, Evolve Events will be taking a break for the rest of 2018! Thank you for supporting Evolve Events and I look forward to growing together again in the future.


MAY 2016 - Pineal Activation Light, with Ocean Shensei

JUNE 2016 - Understanding the Uniqueness of Stepfamilies, with Sally Sharman

JULY 2016 - Finding True Safety with Tension Releasing Exercises (TRE), with Sharon Mullan

AUGUST 2016 - Aloha: The Hawaiian Way of Living with Love, Joy and Ease, with Charlie Mia Snow

SEPTEMBER 2016 - Overcoming Addiction with Yoga, Nutrition and Other Holistic Supports, with David Ward

OCTOBER 2016 - Managing Chronic Pain with Yoga and Meditation, with Siri Shakti Kaur

NOVEMBER 2016 - Ayurveda: The Science of Life, with Judith Long

DECEMBER 2016 - Past Lives, Quantum Healing and Accessing the Wisdom of your Higher Consciousness, with Louise Shilton

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