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Tai Chi
Saturdays on Zoom with Martha Regnault
10:00-11:30am ~ $20
 Suitable for all levels, including beginners.

Qigong is about empowerment through energetic understanding. The simple exercises we practice are designed to connect us with the felt sense of our own energy field and flows. We learn to ground, align and stabilise in an energetic  understanding of our own organism, its connectedness, comfort and health. 

Qigong exercises are a proactive approach to self-regulation and health at all levels. The forms are simple and flowing, suitable for beginners yet profound enough for a lifetime of exploration.

This class is designed for people in the healing professions as a foundation for self-care. It is suitable for anyone interested in energy and self-mastery, and also for those who see their sensitivity as a liability, rather than the wonderful asset that it is!

For Enquiries and Zoom Link: Martha 0447 669 679

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Qualifications and Experience: 

Martha is a qualified Cranio-sacral Therapist, Qigong Teacher and Yogalates Teacher, with decades of experience. Martha brings a deep wisdom with her teaching, integrating the structural and energetic workings of the body into her practice.

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