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Natural Law - May 2018

We are all self-governing.

Let us call upon our ancestors and teachers - past and present,

to guide us in the way of the Heart.

You are all my relations. All is One.


A rebalancing of important energies has occurred and many will have ‘dropped anchor’ in a new, more solid way. Feeling stronger and clearer on new levels.

Some of us are experiencing varying levels of crisis and turmoil indicating it’s a prime time to surrender and heal. Our dysfunctions are there because we have been harmed in some way, thus punishing ourselves with shame and blame only feeds our hurt, fueling the cycle and damaging our relationship with Self and others.

Being vulnerable however, acknowledging our pain and reaching out to our nearest and dearest takes courage. It immediately connects us with our humanness and creates opportunity for deeper understanding, less judgement, more compassion and greater support. Vulnerability in this sense, is a sign of great strength.

Allowing ourselves to be truly ‘seen’ is a theme this month. Embracing ourselves as multi-faceted beings in a myriad of interconnected relationships. In some areas of life we are elite, in others, competent. Perhaps in particular areas of life we are in infancy, just starting out, and in others, we feel unskilled, inept and in need of focused tuition and support to learn this area of life and ultimately improve our relationships.

The purpose of our existence is to learn and grow through our relationships. In particular, our experiences in life, are a mirror for our relationship with ourselves.

“Be the change you wish to see in the world” Gandhi

Reiki is an energy therapy that has been clinically shown to reduce pain, improve mood and decrease stress. If you would like to have a session that nurtures and supports you, I’d love to hear from you. Contact Helene 0405 656 797 or

Yours in Wellbeing,



Yogalates Fridays 9:00am and 11am

Holistic Healing Treatments Reiki-Aura Treatments, Healing Heart Attunements, Craniosacral Energetics, Reflexology, Life Alignment, Shiatsu, Ajna Light Therapy.

Reiki Courses Level 2: Sept 22 & 29 (2 Saturdays). Reiki Master and Level 1 Reiki by appointment.

Level 1 Chakra Course: 16 & 23 June

Room Rental Enquiries: Helene 0405 656 797

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Helene has a Bachelor of Trauma & Healing (Law & Justice), is a Reiki Master and the Founder of the Yemaya Centre and Evolve Events in Lismore. Helene’s approach to wellbeing is focused in personal growth. Helene offers regular Courses and Circles, and enjoys making a range of wellbeing topics accessible to the community through Evolve Events. Helene has been writing Natural Law and delivering wellbeing workshops since 2008. For information, enquiries and bookings visit or phone 0405 656 797.

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