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Natural Law #164 - June 2024

We are all self-governing

Let us call upon our ancestors, Elders and teachers - past and present,

To guide us in the way of the Heart

You are all my relations. All is One.


In ten years, we will look back and perhaps more appropriately appreciate, the gravity of this current crack in time. We are moving mountains, make no mistake. We are building, robust new foundations for the future and beyond. Don’t skip steps, don’t hurry the process, it takes time. 

A new program is uploading for humanity, yet it requires your acceptance and free will to receive these new codes. An opportunity for soul development and maturation, which often means a reliving or re-experiencing of old stories. Stories in your past, a previous life or intergenerational stories that have been replayed over and over. It’s time to grow out of it and break the cycle.

Focus. If you are like me and find this difficult, get support to soothe your nervous system. A ‘new you’ is entering a new path - plenty is unknown and much is to be revealed. Slow down and think things through. Doing this will pay-off later. This is not the time to do what you’ve always done. Our planet is entering a new dawn of Universal Love. 

There is much we all can do, to embody this frequency in our hearts. It is our journey as humanity, and the state of our planet is a reflection of where we are collectively. Do not be disheartened. It is darkest before dawn. Teach Universal Love in the way you live and work. Together we can lift the vibration and experience greater light.

There are wonderful opportunities to connect this month. Bring a friend and join us for a nourishing Women’s Circle on the 16 June. Come along and say hello at the Mental Wealth Expo in Nimbin on June 22, or experience a powerful 1-1 Reiki Treatment with me in Lismore. 

The Yemaya Centre also hosts a Clinical Psychologist, Counsellor and Nutritionist. We have a vacancy coming up for another Practitioner, so if you or someone you know needs a fit-for-purpose space to practice, contact me. In addition, contact me if you have a day or evening group offering - our group space is ready to host you.

Come to us in the heart of the CBD, and visit our website for more information and bookings.

Visit for info and booking links

Big Love,


Coming up:

Reiki Treatments: weekly

19/6 Women’s Circle BOOK NOW

22/6 Mental Wealth Expo, Nimbin

6-7 July Reiki Level 1 BOOK NOW

21-22/9 Reiki Master Prac BOOK NOW


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