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February 2019

We are all self-governing.

Let us call upon our ancestors and teachers - past and present,

to guide us in the way of the Heart.

You are all my relations. All is One.

Aloha. Big love.

For many, January has felt like an extension of the challenges that arose in 2018, rather than a fresh start. In truth, it has been more like a review to highlight what still needs to clear.

February is where we can feel a greater alignment. Perhaps it’s the source of tension that falls away, leaving an incredible sense of harmony – bring it on!

The second and third weeks of February are amplified energy portals, so tune in and go with the flow. Important news, events, meetings, ideas, imprints, realisations and moments will occur.

Embrace the expansive and aligning energies of February and allow them to nourish and propel you out of whatever challenges you’ve been experiencing.

The Healing Heart Attunement was passed on to me by my Reiki Master. It is a powerful healing process that involves my support to identify a key issue you would like to shift, followed by a powerful energetic healing transmission – called an attunement. The attunement triggers a 21-day purification and detoxification process. During this 3-week period, you receive one Reiki Treatment every week, where I work very closely with you to understand and clear whatever is presenting around the issue you are clearing. If going deeper into a commitment to heal sounds like just what you’re looking for, I would love to hear from you.

Contact Helene 0405 656 797 or

Yours in Wellbeing,


Coming Up at Yemaya

Yogalates with Martha Regnault Fridays 9:00am & 11am

iRest® Yoga Nidra with Sam Voolstra Tuesdays 9:30am & 5:30pm

Holistic Healing Treatments Reiki-Aura Treatments, Healing Heart Attunements, Refresher Attunements, Craniosacral Energetics, Reflexology, Life Alignment, Shiatsu.

2019 Reiki Courses Level 1: 9-10 March, Level 2: 29-30 June 2019, Level 3 Master: 8-9 June, Level 4 Teacher: 10-11 August

Reiki Reset - Lismore Women's Festival: 6 March 2019

Equinox Autumn Immersion: 23 March 2019

Large Air-Conditioned Room - Rental Enquiries: Helene 0405 656 797

Visit for more information.

Helene has a Bachelor of Trauma & Healing (Law & Justice), is a Reiki Master and the Founder of the Yemaya Centre for Reiki & Wellbeing in Lismore. Helene has been practicing Reiki for over a decade and currently practices and teaches Reiki in Lismore. Helene is also employed as a Facilitator with We Al-li, delivering their Culturally Informed Trauma Integrated Healing Approach (CITIHA) around Australia. Helene’s approach to wellbeing is focused in personal growth, and she has been writing Natural Law and delivering wellbeing workshops since 2008. For information, enquiries and bookings visit or phone 0405 656 797.

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