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Natural Law #147 - January 2023

NATURAL LAW Edition #147

with Helene Collard

We are all self-governing.
Let us call upon our ancestors, Elders and teachers - past and present,
to guide us in the way of the Heart.
You are all my relations. All is One.


Reiki Courses, Distance Reiki & In-person Treatments. Shiatsu. Over 50’s Yoga. Psychology.

Namaste: The Spirit in me, Sees the Spirit in You


Just when we thought we could start relaxing for the holiday season, heavy energies show up, announcing ‘old enemies’ have returned for a wee visit. Egoism and feeling emotional, stressed, depressed, may be common during this time, as present life circumstances, trigger feelings associated with shadows of the past.

This experience although unwelcome and uncomfortable, carries very clear codes for us. Rather than putting your ‘foot to the pedal’ and charging through this tough time like a bull, it’s important to create time to review and reflect. There are specific messages, if you are willing to hear them. You are being told what you can start doing and what you can stop doing to restore balance to your situation. Whether you act upon what you are being shown, remains to be seen and is solely up to you.

This will be far from easy, these old enemies have been with you a long while, and you have accommodated them, time and time again. The stakes have gotten higher. If you do not attend to this, the consequences will be significant and highly undesirable for you. Implementing a new game plan will take courage, focus and compassion.

This process will involve you remembering a side of yourself that some people that know you well, will feel unfamiliar with. They may not even like it. We live in a world where we largely and unwittingly, pigeon-hole others and perhaps even harder to acknowledge, ourselves.

There is new space for you to expand and grow into. Resistance and tension are inherent in growth and transformation. A snake needs friction to remove it’s old skin. A butterfly’s struggle out of it’s cocoon, is a critical process that pumps blood to it’s wings. If the butterfly doesn’t fight it's way out of the cocoon, for example, if someone cuts open the cocoon, it's wings will not fill with blood. Not only will it not be able to fly, it dies. Agitation is the precursor to transformation.

We have become accustomed to prioritising comfort at any cost. We don’t want our feathers ruffled. We don’t want to upset the status quo. We don’t want the boat rocked.

Leading professor, lecturer and author Brene Brown advises us to ‘lean into the discomfort’. The energetic landscape really supports us to do that with consciousness right now, meaning breakthroughs and 'aha' moments are so possible now, and if 'leaning in' means you are supporting your growth and transformation, it seems like good advice.

See my website for January 2023 Reiki Courses in Lismore. A couple of spots left for each course - Level 1, 2, Master and Teacher!

For the Highest Good of All,


The Yemaya Centre is open in Lismore & Wollongbar!

Reiki treatments available. January Reiki Courses on website. for more information.

Helene Collard is a first generation Australian, with ancestral roots in the island of Mauritius. She is a qualified and experienced Reiki Master Teacher & Practitioner, Trauma-informed Care & Practice Facilitator (B.Trauma&Healing), and has completed Leadership Training Levels 1 and 2 with the Rites of Passage Institute. Helene has been designing and facilitating wellbeing workshops since 2009 – including Moon Circles, Secondary Trauma and Self-care Workshops, Reiki Circles, Reiki Courses, Reiki Meditation Events, Evolve Events, Women’s Vision Ceremony and more. In 2016, Helene founded the Yemaya Centre for Reiki and Wellbeing, in Lismore, NSW, which continues to host holistic wellbeing services and support to the community. From 2017-2021, Helene worked as Lead Facilitator for Aboriginal Trauma-informed organisation, We Al-li. Helene has delivered workshops in metropolitan, regional and remote areas of Australia, including in NSW, Qld, Vic, NT, WA & SA. Helene has also presented at conferences, forums and staff development days. Helene is a mother of 2 school-aged children and has resided in Northern Rivers NSW since 2007. For information, enquiries and bookings visit or phone 0405 656 797.


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