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Natural Law #163 - May 2024

We are all self-governing

Let us call upon our ancestors, Elders and teachers - past and present,

To guide us in the way of the Heart

You are all my relations. All is One.


The only thing we can be certain of, is change. The storms of change have whipped through all our lives in recent years, and the winds continue to turn at an incredible rate.

However we have moved through something. The loss, struggle and hardship we have faced, has built something new within us. We have crossed a major threshold and are welcoming in a new dawn. Although there are still bumps and blocks along the way, there is light on the horizon.

Right now, you are turning and fertilising the ground for new growth. Whatever has happened in the past, is in the past. Tie up loose ends, lovingly release chords, hooks and ties. Now is the time to prepare your field for the future. At last month’s Women’s Circle we created a vision board, a mindful activity using pictures, symbols and words to depict our desired future. What does yours look like? Take a moment to make a few notes, tear out some pictures and words, and put them on your fridge. It’s important to know your target - where you are aiming your arrow.

May is a great month to try something new. Get out of your play-pen and explore what the world has to offer. Be adventurous, move beyond fear, be a curious beginner in something, have fun! You don’t have to continue with the activity (or you might), just try it. This is an important step, as it signals to your body and your brain, that you are open to change. Neurons have to act differently when you do new things! If you continue with those new things, then you will change your wiring! Recently, I overcame stage fright and shyness to read at a poetry night, beat fear and did an indoor skydive (with a ‘fly high’ add-on), and glided around an ice-skating rink, clinging onto a penguin (lol), when my narrative was “I don’t skate at all”. 

So you get the drift. In May, see how much of your “this is what I do” and “this is what I don’t do” you can ‘bust’ through. It’s time to blow the game of life open, in your own special way, and surprise yourself. 

Knowing our limits is an interesting thing. There is a fine line between making an informed risk assessment and opting out, and just staying comfortable. There is always a level of friction in growth and opening your life up. 

This month there is heaps happening, Reiki Level 2, Reiki Level 1, Women’s Circle and of course Reiki Treatments every week. The Yemaya Centre also hosts a Clinical Psychologist, Counsellor and Nutritionist, and a 4 week Peri/Menopause Circle has just finished. 

Come to us in the heart of the Lismore CBD, or meet with me on Zoom from anywhere in the world, for a Distance Reiki Session. Visit our website for more information and bookings.

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Big Love,


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