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Natural Law #156 - October 2023

We are all self-governing

Let us call upon our ancestors, Elders and teachers - past and present,

To guide us in the way of the Heart

You are all my relations. All is One.

After an intense few months, things have settled down somewhat. We have crossed a threshold and an integration is occurring. This period can offer us a sense of much welcomed, grace, peace and flow.

The fire, conflict, destruction and change brought about in previous months, have been necessary forces, needed to restore balance - within oneself, with others and the world. Being tenderly present with the hot, sharp edges of conflict, and sitting in the heat of the fire with an open heart, allow us to experience transformative change through, life’s inevitable, challenges and ordeals.

In it’s purest expression, the heart is not a subjective force. The heart is objective, and does not judge. The heart sees and holds all perspectives, with higher understanding and compassion. Sometimes we mistake our emotions and our ego/discriminating thoughts as our heart at work.

It is our emotions and our ego thoughts that act as the ‘alarm’, letting us know we have veered off course, we have taken a wrong turn, and we need to take action - such as making sense of our feelings, setting boundaries, or changing/leaving/creating something, to restore balance - so we can return to the objective and compassionate space of the heart.

The better we get at listening and responding to the ‘alarm’, the more we can return to the non-dualistic, all-embracing, unconditional loving space of the heart.

Quantum Human Design’s Karen Curry Parker says “you are a once in a lifetime cosmic event”. Indeed every one of us, has a unique and vital role, in our life here on earth and beyond. Part of our soul’s responsibility is to LIVE that role, and oft times, this requires us to surrender our stoicism, wave the white flag, soften and melt away barriers and perceived limitations.

We are urged to be brave, to slay through fear and conjure courage. To take the first or next step, to sharing our hearts work, especially when there are no guarantees or certainties.

To share your hearts work is the ultimate service to life and to your existence. Channel the medicine of the turtle, and go slow and steady. There is no rush, there is no race. Attending to the ‘alarms’ (rather than ignoring or passively acknowledging them), can be a peaceful process. When you change, the whole dynamic has to readjust. The better you get at this, the more seamless it will be, and most importantly, the more time you will spend in pure loving space of the heart.

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Big Love,



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