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Natural Law #158: December 2023

We are all self-governing

Let us call upon our ancestors, Elders and teachers - past and present,

To guide us in the way of the Heart

You are all my relations. All is One.

Straddling the paradox of a major ending and a new beginning, it’s crucial to make time for stillness and introspection, whilst simultaneously, keeping the energy flowing to avoid stagnation.

Making moments for rest and retreat allow us to ‘tune in’ and quieten the mind. Slowing down fosters grounding and clarity. It allows us to reflect, reset and restore.

There are actions now needed to affirm the major ending that is occurring. Some of these will feel easeful and rudimentary, whilst others may feel scary, confronting, fragile and painful.

There are good reasons why some things carry significant ‘charge’ so it is important to hold compassion for yourself and others. However, the longer we procrastinate, or avoid these actions - perhaps hoping some external factor or divine force will incite the ending that is needed - the more drawn out the dysfunctional situation will become.

The action that is needed is one that will unbind you and others, from a situation that has run it’s course. It may just be a suggestion that invites a small shift, one that allows the existing dynamic to transform onto a new current. Breathing new life into the space and allowing energy to flow where it wasn’t before. Just this can be game-changing. Subtle and nuanced can be just as powerful as direct and forceful.

However, it may be a major action that is required. Something direct and tangible. Something sharp and very clear. Whatever action you are being guided to take, it may require your courage and composure. Prepare yourself with rest and reflection.

Forgiveness may be something to contemplate this month, as we courageously restore sacred balance to our lives. Forgiving ourselves and others is the ultimate heart’s work, freeing ourselves and others from the bondage of pain, fear, resentment and anger. Who are you if not the victim? Find your strength and power. There is no certainty. Trust yourself and trust life. Take a leap of faith.

Whatever is limiting you and keeping you oppressed, repressed and confined is leading you to your next step of growth. Centre yourself, trust life and then… leap.

Reiki Level 1: 4-5 January 2023

Reiki Treatments available in Lismore, Wollongbar and By Long-Distance throughout Dec and Jan.

Big Love,



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