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Natural Law - April 2024


We are all self-governing

Let us call upon our ancestors, Elders and teachers - past and present,

To guide us in the way of the Heart

You are all my relations. All is One.

Death, Rebirth and Renewal are natural cycles of Life and for thousands of years, humans have celebrated and symbolised these themes in festivals and rituals all over the world. 

In recent times, this cycle of life has repeated intensely in a short space of time. Passing through a deep universal chasm of death, destruction, kindness, joy, change and loss. A roller coaster ride of darkness and light, only to be thrust into the darkness again. Like a colossal storm hitting without warning, we’ve had to pivot and act on a whim, with our deepest vulnerabilities exposed. 

We are undergoing an intense transmutation. Unlike plastic surgery, it is successive extraordinary life events that are literally reshaping who we are. Within the Rites of Passage framework, being presented with an ordeal to overcome or endure, is a crucial element in the process. It is with passing through this challenge, that we ‘return with the elixir’ and experience a developmental shift, a maturation or a ‘growing up’. It is a process that reshapes us.

Whether organised or not, life has always presented us with ordeals (or Rites of Passage) that offer us the chance to grow and mature. The last 3-4 years however, have been an express and repeated version of this process, with many ordeals to embrace and endure. If you are feeling weary and tender, it may be time to stop and take stock.

It’s interesting to note that after the challenge, the Rites of Passage framework names ‘visioning’ and ‘honouring’ as the next steps towards re-integration. Re-integration is where we regain stability and strength and embody wisdom, after our big journey through the ordeal.

So take time this month to vision your future without limits. Be specific and generous with yourself. Also take time to honour yourself and the strength and wisdom gained throughout this process, including those who walked alongside you. 

By pausing for review, you acknowledge your Story and the challenges you endured. There is opportunity now to complete the circle by inviting consolidation and closure by visioning your future and honouring yourself.

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