Natural Law - June 2021

We are all self-governing.

Let us call upon our ancestors, Elders and teachers - past and present,

to guide us in the way of the Heart.

You are all my relations. All is One.


The Spirit in me, sees the Spirit in you.

Don’t be afraid of being alone… (solitude will) give you the courage to clear your heart” – r. m. drake

Slow down. Please. Create space for quiet time…to Be…

This quiet space is sacred. Stop doing in the world. Stop knowing in the world – by this I mean, having an opinion on this or that, or directing yourself (or others) in this way or that.


One ingredient many have forgotten in healthy relationship is space. It is in this magical space, when we are still and silent and needing nothing, that we can reflect (rather than react) and gain clarity and perspective.

Life can be wonderful, with so many things to engage with and stimulate our senses. Choose carefully and healthily. June is a month for inner reflection and review. During June, operate in the background, rather than the foreground. Step back. There is incredible potential available if you flow with the energies.

Make time for solitude. From a physiological perspective, this is about giving your ‘stress system’ (sympathetic nervous system) a break, and activating your ‘rest and digest system’ (para-sympathetic nervous system). As well as facilitating the physical process of digestion, regular and sustained activation of the para-sympathetic nervous system assists us to digest life mentally and emotionally.

If we cannot make sense of our world, and all the interactions within it, life becomes something that happens to us, which evokes feelings of powerlessness or loss of control. This in-turn, brings on general feelings of not being safe in the world, or in life.

Feelings of unsafety, have the effect of emphasising our stress system, and we can begin to live normal life, feeling under threat. We can feel out of control, and become irritable, reactive and defensive, sometimes increasing our use of alcohol and other drugs - hurting our loved ones in the process.

Within this pattern, perceptions become skewed and our feelings of powerlessness increase. When our personal power feels undermined, our stress reaction can become a see-saw pattern, oscillating between exerting power-over people, and being submissive.

This month we are being called to soothe our nervous system so we can rest and digest life. This will enable us to regain control, gain new perspective, and ultimately, begin to respond (rather than react) to life in healthier ways. The positive impact of this will be widespread.

Even in the most healthy, compassionate environment, if one factor isn’t present, this harmful situation will never change - that factor is physical, emotional, mental and spiritual safety. If your environment, and the people, and other elements in it, are not safe for you (in even one aspect e.g. it may be physically safe, but not emotionally safe) this pattern will continue.

Use this month to create intentional quiet time, to meditate and explore and implement ways that increase physical, emotional, mental and spiritual safety for you.

Only when you increase your feelings of safety, in areas where you recognize you are usually stressed, will your para-sympathetic nervous system have the opportunity to kick-in. Don’t fool yourself that this is easy – it requires commitment to intentional solitude and reflection, to successfully facilitate this critical re-wiring.

If this is ringing true, but feels too big, engage therapeutic support – there is incredible strength in putting up your hand and saying “I want a better life, and I need some support”.

Sometimes we hear the behaviours and patterns mentioned above, being called ‘bad behaviour’, however, from a wellbeing perspective, they are health issues, often present in anxiety and other mental health problems. Be compassionate towards yourself and others. Often the origins of these behavioural patterns are tangled up in wounds from the past, from childhood, and also ancestral and cultural stories, that we are still living. Therefore, although your current external world may be safe, INSIDE you are still living the pain of the past. Wreaking havoc on you and your current world. This has the potential to isolate you from the people you love, and rob you from experiencing joy.

There is no doubt, this month requires courage. Courage to create intentional time for yourself, where you can truly sit and reflect. Where you plan to ‘take action’ to restore your health.

Reiki is a wonderful tool for soothing the nervous system