Natural Law - September 2021

We are all self-governing.

Let us call upon our ancestors, Elders and teachers - past and present,

to guide us in the way of the Heart.

You are all my relations. All is One.


The Spirit in me, sees the Spirit in you.

The process of deep healing continues, bringing upheaval in our inner and outer worlds.

Set an intention to be in nature. Far from just exercising (although that is important too!), take time to gaze at the sky, the rocks, trees, grass, dirt, water, sand. Take time to focus on the clouds moving through the sky. Be still enough to notice, and then watch, the animals and insects around you, to hear the chorus of bird calls. Take time to commune with nature.

The greatest power is spirituality. Do not forget that all of life is born from the great mystery, and to the great mystery we shall return. It is time for us to return to that deep spirit place now. It resides within us all.

Deep listening is needed now, more than ever. With so much information in the field, many social places have become debate spaces, where opinions are positions are stated unequivocally - sometimes, unintentionally adding to the fear that already exists in the field.

Sovereignty and cultural safety involve ‘doing the work’. It’s about finding your Story and understanding your reality, your views, your opinions, vulnerabilities and sensitivities. It involves holding ALL of you, and taking responsibility for how your expression impacts on others and the environment around you. Naming and holding boundaries is an important part of cultural safety.

This is a difficult period for humanity, as it moves through a widely perceived threat to safety. In 1954, psychologist Abraham Maslow published the idea of a ‘hierarchy of needs’. This model is often presented as a pyramid, with the universal basic needs of society at the base, moving along to ‘growth’ needs at the top.

The Western mindset is obsessed with ‘growth’ or self-actualisation. Under this 'mainstream' philosophical framework, ‘reaching our highest potential’ has resulted in great destruction and even extinction to many life-forms on Earth.

Our current times of upheaval and uncertainty, have plunged us down, back to the base of Maslow’s pyramid. These basic needs, are a useful guide, regarding what we can focus on cultivating, in ourselves and others right now.

The key words Maslow used to represent our basic needs are:

physiological needs – air, water, food, sex, sleep, clothes, shelter

safety needs – health, personal security, emotional security, financial security

belonging and love needs: a sense of belonging and acceptance amongst family, community, and other social groups, and within intimate relationships

esteem needs: the need for respect from others, the need for self-respect.

These are the keys to surviving these times, and I encourage everyone to consider what areas they are feeling ‘met’ in, and, to take a moment to feel gratitude for that. Then I ask you to reflect on an area you would like to cultivate and develop more – for your benefit, and for the benefit of those around you.

From the Indigenous philosophy of interconnectedness, when we struggle, those around us feel the weight of our struggle. When we thrive, those around us are carried on the wings of our flight.

It is heartening to see so many, instinctively turn to nature at this time. Practice going deeper and communing with nature, appreciating the grounding, beauty and wisdom, that teaches and heals.

When our core safety and security are feeling threatened, it is nature that provides the remedy, and allows us to hold ourselves, and others in our fundamental needs, during this time of upheaval.