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Natural Law - April 2015

I am self-sovereign, as are you.

I acknowledge the ancestors, mine and yours, past and present.

You are all my relations. All is One.


Last month’s article was about how to create and maintain authentic relationships and the importance of clear connection lines. Being true to who you are is imperative now. This will help to dissolve relationships that hinder your happiness, which in turn, will create space and energy for positive relationships to flourish.

Interestingly, some relationships currently perceived as limiting, are only so, because you are not being authentic. That is, you are not being true. Pay close attention to a problematic relationship, and consciously focus on communicating your true thoughts and feelings, in a raw and real way. This may be the trick to shift a dysfunctional dynamic, into something workable and even enjoyable. On a soul level, these difficult dynamics actually represent karmic patterns from this and other lifetimes, and the opportunity is here to ‘restore factory settings’ and clear the slate for everyone.

In April, expect significant movement – in particular, activity that is focused in a specific area. It is time to shine your inner light outwards, share your passion with others, and most importantly, on a day-to-day basis and in general conversation, to share your true thoughts and feelings.

This requires you to know and accept yourself as you truly are. This is about ‘owning’ or taking responsibility for where you are inside. For example, if you are depressed – own it. If you are gay – own it. If you have a political view – own it. If you have an opinion or feeling – own it. If you are angry – own it. If you said ‘yes’ but now you want to say ‘no’ – own it. If you cannot let go of something – own it, and the list goes on.

When we neglect to ‘own it’, we send out vibes that are confusing and frustrating to those around us. Others sense we are not being true. So be clear and ‘own’ whatever you need to.

Far from being perfect, ‘owning it’ and being ‘authentic’ frees us from communicating (to ourselves and others) where we think we should be, and finally invites us to accept exactly where we are. There is huge support this month to simply be you. Allow the walls of protection, and the hesitation-for-fear-of-judgment, to dissolve. This will leave you in a beautiful and sacred space of vulnerability.

Vulnerability is often construed as a weak and unsafe state of being, and it is true that many of us grew up in environments where it wasn’t safe to speak our minds and feel our true feelings. So this will be a difficult turnaround for many of us. The supports are there - stay focused and let the shackles fall away. The supports are there - let the fear wash away.

Celebrate you!



Helene Collard has a Bachelor of Trauma & Healing and is a Reiki Master Teacher. She lives in the NSW Northern Rivers area with her life partner, Mirek and their two young children.

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