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Natural Law - May 2015

I am self-sovereign, as are you.

I acknowledge the ancestors, mine and yours, past and present.

You are all my relations. All is One.

Hello & Welcome.

There is fresh energy around, breathe it in and soak it up in every cell. The new beginning is now. It has been a long and arduous road and yes, there are still challenges we must move through, for challenges are the keys to growth – and personal growth is crucial to creating and maintaining a state of peace and balance for the whole.

Traditional laws have been revived and are being honoured and lived. These laws include, but are not limited to, codes of conduct and human rights that citizens choose to live and abide by simply because it reflects who they truly are. Take time to reflect as a sovereign being, and connect with the original laws that feel true for you.

Speak the truth. Share resources. Offer to help. Receive help. Behave honestly. Take only what you need. Be sincere. Express from the heart. Group work. Walk tall. Self-respect. Self-care. Self-love. Love. Love. Love.

Recently there has been a mass purification, and huge cleansing of our inner waters and from this has emerged a powerful re-connection to an ancient code of knowledge. Follow your instincts, do not second-guess yourself – follow your instincts. These instinctual messages are from your newly evolved Self, and contain positive threads and high vibrations from a lost world that has now re-surfaced.

This is truly a new beginning where we have access to specific energies and wisdom that empower people in ways that support major collective shifts and the emerging of high vibrational gifts. Step into the opportunities that present to you without hesitation – do not second-guess yourself.

There has been a huge frequency shift, which is supporting these changes and elevations. This buzz will also help us let go of things quite easily – so focus on what you want to release and feel it drop away. Be clear in this process, it might help to write down what you want to release. Being clear and specific is important.

Get rest. You can function at high levels with these energies, however, you can also crash after a big high frequency day. Give your body lots of rest and feed it nourishing food and drink. This will help your Being to remain clean and clear.

In May, there is a huge opportunity to release something/s that weighs upon you…remember to focus and be specific.

Stand up and live the way of your own heart, for it will never lead you astray. This is the ultimate goal for all - to trust the intelligence of the heart.



Helene Collard has a Bachelor of Trauma & Healing and is a Reiki Master Teacher. She lives in the NSW Northern Rivers area with her life partner, Mirek and their two young children.

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