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Natural Law - August 2015

I am self-sovereign, as are you.

I acknowledge the ancestors, mine and yours, past and present.

You are all my relations. All is One.


We are on the cusp of a major universal ending. During the next little while, some things in life will die, whilst others will be born. You may have had recent insights of some things going ‘full circle’ and this too is symbolic of the current cyclical environment.

Further supporting these energies, is the arrival of the Mayan New Year (July 26). The time immediately before and after any new year is ripe for letting go of the old and embracing a new beginning.

For many, the completed Chinese Year of the Horse involved growth in the areas of empowerment and self-confidence. Not to be confused with ego, this process is about self-enabling through letting go of fear, in order to express more of who we naturally are. This is empowerment.

The new beginning supports further development and integration in empowerment and self-confidence. This in turn, will create a new feeling within, from which to consider, and make, routine and important choices. As a result, many of us will witness decision-making, from ourselves and/or others, that will surprise or even shock – mostly because the decisions defied what we had come to expect.

The New Year will support the manifestation of important aspirations, that featured in our visions some time ago. There is a sense of prosperity and abundance, and a giant step forward in a worthwhile desire. Consider options carefully and make decisions on merit, rather than sentiment.

The following philosophical points are here for your contemplation. These are essential for the flourishing of our collective community. Sit with them and consider, if and how they fit into your daily and wider understanding of life.

Interconnectedness – everything is relational, nothing exists in isolation

Interdependence – all things are mutually dependent

Initiation – appropriate ceremonies, rituals, tests or periods of instruction that impart knowledge and support the embodiment of wisdom

Understanding and accepting life from this philosophical foundation, brings meaning into our interpretation of our day-to-day world. From these solid foundations, we can begin to re-build law, life, community service and governance, to resonate with the heart.

You can be certain that this universal cyclical event is truly blessed, and necessary for our collective evolution.

With love,


Helene Collard has a Bachelor of Trauma & Healing and is a Reiki Master Teacher. She lives in the NSW Northern Rivers area with her partner and two young children. Helene is currently offering Reiki treatments and also workshops for professionals and carers in the area of Secondary Trauma & Self-care. For more information, email

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