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Natural Law - January 2016

We are all self-governing.

Let us call upon our ancestors and teachers - past and present,

to guide us in the way of the Heart.

You are all my relations. All is One.


Today, we earthlings begin a fresh cycle around the sun. Twelve days ago we began a new 'galactic spin' in the Mayan 'Tzolkin' (or Galactic) calendar. The Tzolkin calendar harmonises with galactic energies and cycles. The Tzolkin calendar is 260 days long. This 9-month sacred cycle can be understood as a spiritual gestation time for growth and unfolding.

Therefore, in a nutshell, we are in a new beginning. Take time to reflect on where your life-journey has taken you in the last 9-months. What challenges were you confronted with? What has changed? What was wonderful? What unfolded? And most importantly, what have you learnt? Where are you now?

New beginnings offer opportunity, optimism and 'fresh starts'. At this time, it is crucial that you honour your inner wisdom and dutifully apply it into your daily life. During each day, check-in with yourself often and see if you are happy with what's taking place. This includes interactions with self and others, food and drink you're consuming, activities you're doing/not doing, reading and visual material you're engaging with, shopping habits, how you spend your spare time etc.

Some people find at the end of each day they had quantity, but not so much quality. This is about intentional consciousness into who we are and what it is we really desire, and then, making that happen.

The main obstacle into our consciousness is our busyness. The modern, technological, capitalist, international society we have created, seems to be the very thing that diverts us away from deeper knowing within ourselves. Therefore, we must actively work to promote and maintain our own inner-connections.

Meditation, solitude, bushwalking, retreats, yoga, prayer, therapeutic arts (story, dance, art), time in nature alone, cycling, gardening, and others are all ways that promote that inner-connection. In January, committ to a regular practice that will raise your consciousness.

When we hear the word 'spirituality', many of us feel lost, displaced or simply unmet. Fundamentally, we are all spiritual beings having a physical, emotional and mental experience on earth. In order for us to feel complete, we must reclaim and nourish the spiritual aspect of ourselves. Spirituality involves a sense of connection to something bigger than ourselves and often involves the search for meaning in life. In particular, a sense that we each have a Divine path, on which we can realise the fullest essence of our being. That is why we are here.

Are you ready to embrace yourself as a spiritual being? Find what connects you to 'that something bigger' and begin to feed and nourish your spiritual body now. Visit a place of worship, watch the sunrise/sunset in silence, stargaze, bushwalk, moongaze, meditate, read spiritual material, converse with like-minded people, and the list goes on.

Make spirituality a part of your life, feel yourself grow and watch how life changes for the better.




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