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Natural Law - February 2016

We are all self-governing.

Let us call upon our ancestors and teachers - past and present,

to guide us in the way of the Heart.

You are all my relations. All is One.

Galactic Greetings.

January has been a busy time and many will have noticed a 'shift' has occurred. This means a gate that had previously been locked, is now open, and as a result, certain things are finally moving. For some, their diligent, often tiring ground work is finally paying off. For others, they are now progressing out of a bad situation. Either way, it is all positive. Let there be gratitude, faith and trust in what is now, and what lies ahead.

This month, there continues to be significant emphasis on accepting and developing your spirituality. There are many ways to express spirituality, it's about finding out what's right for you. Therefore, February is the time to research and access information on spirituality. When you find something that resonates with you, go deeper with it.

There is currently a wave of dogma-free universal spiritualism being promoted in books, websites, films and other forms of 'new age' media. I encourage you to access this material as I believe many contain pure wisdom that awakens universal values that can support an increase in collective togetherness.

Discovering and practising the form of spiritual philosophy that deeply nourishes your soul, is like living life with the perspective of an eagle. It increases optimism, faith and trust in life. Perhaps most importantly, you will have something meaningful to turn to when life is challenging. Therefore, having a solid spiritual foundation will support your mental, emotional and physical wellbeing and can help you to deal with difficulty, constructively.

During February, pay attention to your higher thoughts and visions. These thoughts and visions come from your higher self and are firmly connected to your intuition. From these insights you get direction from a pure and sacred place. You may be led to do something, go somewhere, meet someone, create something and more.

You can create an ideal environment to receive your inner thoughts and visions by underdaking activities like meditation, creative arts, yoga and stretching, praying, or simply sitting quietly in nature.

If you allow your life to be spiritually guided in this way, your feelings of personal fulfillment will increase, as will your wellbeing - physical, mental and emotional.

May the spirit be with you.



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