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Natural Law - January 2018

We are all self-governing.

Let us call upon our ancestors and teachers - past and present,

to guide us in the way of the Heart.

You are all my relations. All is One.

Solar New Year Greetings,

A new year symbolises new beginnings, a leaving of the past behind and settings sights on future goals. What often gets overlooked however, is the present. Where am I now? What do I need now?

When we shift our awareness to the ‘Now’ we increase the likelihood of making healthy, life-giving choices that nourish our Being and flow us toward our higher purpose. This means that sometimes we need to say ‘no’ and accept the feelings of disappointment from others.

The new frequency is well and truly established, now is the time to tie up loose ends, and enter a preparation phase so you may step forward able and unhindered. Everyone’s preparation phase will look different, ask yourself ‘where am I now, and, what do I need now?’

Draw upon resources and expertise to support you through your preparation phase. This is not a solo journey. As the Hopi say ‘the time for the lone wolf is over’. Self-care is paramount for all, and for many, their preparation phase will focus on exactly that.

Some will embark on new opportunities, whilst others will sense it is time to work through personal issues that have plagued them for years.

A Healing Heart Attunement uses the same high-frequency energies used in Reiki initiations, for the purpose of healing. This process opens a spiritual door where powerful Reiki energies are able to flow and negative energy and blockages are cleared away. The heart attunement is most effective when people feel stuck in an area of life, and/or to assist with prolonged feelings of depression or sadness.

The heart attunement triggers a 21-day cleansing process (or healing crisis) and during this time, clients receive Reiki once a week. In addition, during the 21-day cleansing process, the client is asked to follow a process of purification (with diet and lifestyle).

Therefore, the healing heart attunement is a 4-week commitment to invite a breakthrough in one’s healing journey.

If this sounds like you, I would love to hear from you. Contact Helene 0405 656 797 or

Yours in Wellbeing,


Coming Up:

We Re-open Thursday 4th January!

Evolve EventsCrop Circles: tapping into the potential for collective evolution with Mirek Oprzedek, WEDNESDAY 24th January 2018. Book Tickets.

2-day Reiki Level 1 with Helene: Feb 10 & 17 (2 Saturdays). Bookings

2-day Chakras Level 1 with Helene: June 9 & 16 (2 Saturdays). Bookings

2-day Reiki Level 2 with Helene: Sept 22 & 29 (2 Saturdays). Bookings

Yogalates with Martha: Fridays 9:00am

Finding Your Core with Martha: Fridays 11am

Holistic Healing Treatments: Reiki-Aura Treatments, Healing Heart Attunements, Craniosacral Energetics, Reflexology, Life Alignment, Shiatsu.

Visit for more information.

Helene has a Bachelor of Trauma & Healing (Law & Justice), is a Reiki Master and the Founder of the Yemaya Centre and Evolve Events in Lismore. Helene’s approach to wellbeing is focused in personal growth. Helene offers regular Courses and Circles, and enjoys making a range of wellbeing topics accessible to the community through Evolve Events. Helene has been writing Natural Law and delivering wellbeing workshops since 2008. For information, enquiries and bookings visit or phone 0405 656 797.

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