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Natural Law - September 2019

We are all self-governing.

Let us call upon our ancestors and teachers - past and present,

to guide us in the way of the Heart.

You are all my relations. All is One.

Jingi Wallah.

On a recent trip to the Central Desert, I had the privilege of sitting with two senior law men. Here is what I learnt:

We all belong here. The spirit of this country lies in the songlines, stories, ceremonies, language and culture held in DNA and custodianship by Aboriginal Peoples. These stories connect our country from the east coast to the west coast – and right through the heart. Did you know the desert mob have a word for ocean?

In September, take time to connect with the local mob and listen. If you show up and hang around long enough, you will hear stories. These stories and other cultural sharings are your keys to connecting with the spirit of this country. Allow it to soak in.

Create sacred time every day - stop, breathe and be still. Regularly become quiet in yourself and in nature – listen to the land.

Our responsibility as a nation is to facilitate a systems transformation from the current patriarchal, capitalist, to Aboriginal ways of knowing, being and doing. This will ensure the wellbeing of the land, people, animals, plants, waterways, skyways, and ancestors-spirit world.

The Aboriginal way is for everyone – yes everyone can belong here - yet this comes with responsibility. As Uncle said “you can live in Australia, or you can BE Australia”.

Daily Affirmation for September: Today I connect with the spirit of this land.

Enjoy the month dear friends and thank you for reading Natural Law.

With Blessings,


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Helene has a Bachelor of Trauma & Healing (Law & Justice), is a Reiki Master and the Founder of the Yemaya Centre for Reiki & Wellbeing in Lismore. Helene has been practicing Reiki for over a decade and currently practices and teaches Reiki in Lismore. Helene is also a Trauma-informed Facilitator with We Al-li, delivering their Culturally Informed Trauma Integrated Healing Approach (CITIHA) around Australia. Helene’s approach to wellbeing is focused in self-care and personal growth, and she has been writing Natural Law and delivering wellbeing workshops since 2008. For information, enquiries and bookings visit or phone 0405 656 797.

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