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Natural Law #157 (November 2023)

We are all self-governing

Let us call upon our ancestors, Elders and teachers - past and present,

To guide us in the way of the Heart

You are all my relations. All is One.

Healing is about opening doors. Sometimes it’s doors that have been closed for a long time. Behind those ‘long shut’ doors are painful memories, that we needed to create distance from, and/or just couldn’t face.

Under these circumstances, we reorganise our life and the way we see the world, according to this door being shut. We create a narrative and assume an identity, that further reinforces the need for the door to remain closed. We feel safe, as long as this door remains shut.

Sometimes, we’ve lost touch with what is even behind that door, but every time we get near it, we feel the heat, and the discomfort is enough to make us turn the other way.

The Reiki healing system has a very clear guiding framework, it asserts that ‘one must ask to be treated’ or that ‘permission & consent must be obtained before treatment occurs’. I’ve been talking to my students about going deeper with permission & consent. Beyond the implied consent of someone making an appointment, and showing up, there are many ways to implement consent along the way.

For example, during our consultation, even if I sense you are standing at a ‘closed door’, I would never attempt to open it for you. Healing happens in your time and in your way. Simply acknowledging a closed door is there, is a beautiful step. Another way I extend consent is to ask "what do you give permission for the energy to work with today? What are you needing most?"

This ‘feminine’ Reiki approach asserts ‘the guru is within’ and thus sessions are geared towards listening deeply, channeling the healing energy and following your lead. Over time, this therapeutic approach builds strength and empowerment. It flexes the belief that you are the expert in your own healing journey and prepares you as the ‘leader’ to open doors in your own time.

Which approach feels more empowering for you? Someone identifying your doors and opening them for you, in a time they choose? The Reiki approach sets you up on a path to empowerment. It’s not the quickest method - but is shorter always better? What would be more integrated and provide long-term, sustainable benefits for your confidence, health and wellbeing?

Life will always present us with challenges, and the accompanying agitation is there to propel us to 1) create and 2) destroy what isn't working. The more accepting we become of the discomfort that is inherent in major growth, the better we can seek the right support to nurture us within the ‘cocoon’, so we too can emerge, beyond our wildest imagination, from a caterpillar, to the radiant butterfly.

We must not forget the step in the cocoon, where the caterpillar turns to mush, completely dissolving, BEFORE metamorphosing beyond, what would appear, impossible.

It’s time to bring something to completion. Let it die. Open the door and feel the immense release, and the new and wonderful space, that will change a lot. There are new seeds to tend. Stay focused.

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Big Love,



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