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Natural Law - June 2016

We are all self-governing.

Let us call upon our ancestors and teachers - past and present,

to guide us in the way of the Heart.

You are all my relations. All is One.


June brings a new feeling. Something has been released, changed - and this is somewhat of a relief.

The time is now ripe to cooperate and collaborate with others. It can be highly satisfying and rewarding, to work together toward a common goal. You may be drawn toward people that are friendly and loyal. Stay true to yourself, engage socially, and don’t be afraid to rely on others for support. As a Hopi Elder once said, ‘(T)he time for the lone wolf is over’.

Significant personal growth occurs when we stay connected to our heart. The pure essence of who we are, resides in our hearts encoding - therefore when we focus on ‘being’ in the heart and ‘living’ from the heart, we naturally express our Divine nature, live our highest potential, and evolve out of old dysfunctional patterns. So start with your heart.

Matters of the heart include love and loyalty. Whilst socialising in June, include these elements of warmth and depth. Practice having meaningful encounters throughout the day – with your colleagues, the bus driver, shop attendant, family members etc. Genuinely offer a greeting, give eye contact, and listen. These simple efforts bring love and light into our society. Try it.

June marks a sound time to rekindle your forgotten ideas and fire them up again. Talk to others about your visions to help them come alive and take shape. In particular, unconventional ideas are well supported now, so be courageous and initiate open and honest discussions, for these are critical to success.

A near full house attended the inaugural Evolve Event at the Yemaya Centre in Lismore on May 18. Evolve Events support personal growth through sharing information on different facets of human development. So, let’s get growing together! See the June program below.

With Love,


Yemaya Centre – June 2016

2nd June Reiki Circle

15th June Evolve - Guest Speaker, Sally Sharman. Topic ‘Understanding the Uniqueness of Stepfamilies’. $20 Book your ticket (presale only).

*Reiki Treatments by appointment

Helene has a Bachelor of Trauma & Healing, is a Reiki Master and the Founder of the Yemaya Centre for Reiki & Wellbeing in Lismore. She has facilitated a range of personal growth & wellbeing workshops locally since 2008. For information, enquiries and bookings visit or phone 0405 656 797.

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